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  1. In-game name: gfdfhd Name of the player(s) you are reporting: fgdhfhf Date of the incident: 05/10/20 Time of the incident: 56654 What rule(s) do you believe was broken: h gfhf hfg Any evidence available: ghfdh Describe the incident: dfhfgh Have you tried to resolve the situation? dfhfgh Please confirm t
  2. So you would like some channels for your gang? Well there are some requirements that need to be met before any channels are created. Requirements: You need to have an Official gang thread posted Here. You must have 7+ ACTIVE members within the gang. Have a public roster which is updated regularly. All members must play on cartel.life and use our Teamspeak frequently. Once you meet these requirements you may join the "Waiting For Support channel" on Teamspeak. If you would like more channels for your gang then you will need to have more active members to qualify for

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